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LAN CRM Consulting is a management, consulting, implementation and support team for Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems. With a passion for solving complex business problems and optimizing specific processes, we help people do their jobs better. When operations are lean and performance is high, companies are in the perfect position to flourish.

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When internal processes make your employees efficient and effective, higher productivity naturally follows. The right CRM coupled with the right team can help your company do what it does…better. 

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When you gain insight into your customers and their desires and behaviours, you acquire invaluable data. One of the best ways to obtain this data is through a CRM. And when you do, you empower your company with exactly what it needs to make changes and new developments that keep it at the forefront of your industry. 

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A lean organization that knows about its customers, excellently manages those customers and acts according to specific demands from those customers is always growing. CRM systems give companies the data and streamlined processes they need to realize continual growth in all the right directions.

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Implementation and consulting


Get started on the right foot. Realize greater success by working with a Consulting team that knows Salesforce and also takes the time to know your business.  

We are certified in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community, Field Service Lightning and can make Salesforce work for your business.

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When you’re a master of your CRM, you’re also a master of your job. The perfect CRM can change the way you work and make you truly excel at what you do – but only if you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to use it. LAN provides comprehensive, structured and customized training to match each position at your company.  

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Managed services


 Maintain. Develop. Fix. Polish. Tweak. The best systems are the ones that evolve as your company does. LAN provides managed services in three different packages so you can choose what’s right for you and your business. 

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Field Service Lightning


From receiving calls to dispatching the perfect technician to ensure exceptional service, LAN CRM is a team of certified Field Service Lightning experts that can help you set up a customized system for best results. 

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