LAN CRM Consulting Inc.

A friendly farewell to my LAN CRM Ohana

“It is with mixed emotions that I write this message. When I launched LAN CRM Consulting three years ago, I never imagined that I would be so fortunate as to have a long list of incredible customers, and a dedicated, skilled team to help me deliver expected results. 

To my customers: you took a chance and put your faith in me, and for this I am eternally grateful. We achieved great things together over the last few years and I have enjoyed working closely with you and your staff to maximize the return on your Salesforce investment. 

To my team members: I couldn’t have done this without you and it has been a pleasure collaborating with like-minded individuals, sharing strategy sessions and developing innovative solutions to complex problems. I will miss your smiling faces and endless drive for excellence.

LAN CRM was formed in 2016 after I realized I wanted to achieve more from my career.  I noticed there was a clear need for a customer-centric resources to help Salesforce customers roll out the application and optimize it. As we grew into 2018, LAN CRM started to become that desired consultancy and I feel good about the fact that we’ve been able to help numerous customers reap extraordinary benefits from their Salesforce applications. This is what everyone’s Salesforce story should be.

While my commitment and vision for LAN CRM was always strong, an unexpected opportunity came knocking at my door. Salesforce suggested that I apply for a job – and not just any job, for the position of Product Manager with the Customer Success Group, which also has a direct line of communication with the FSL Product Team and Customers. In no way was I interested in entertaining any job opportunities and my decision to do so was extremely difficult, but after meeting nine individuals throughout the interview process at Salesforce, it quickly became apparent how much alignment there is between my values and those of Salesforce. This is a company that is dedicated to Trust, Customer Success, Innovation, and Equality – and I want to be a part of that.

In my new role, I deal directly with customers, build relationships, design solutions, help customers navigate options in Salesforce, and share best practices on how to staff, run, grow and scale the application in their businesses. I also have the unique opportunity to aggregate customer feedback to then make direct recommendations to the Product Team. Anyone who knows me knows I never like to feel stagnant. This role will enable me to continue my individual growth, both professionally and personally as I seek to advance my knowledge and skills in this space.

Whether you read this message as my team member, colleague or customer, it is not unlikely that we will cross paths again some day soon, and I sincerely hope that we do. In the meantime, if you require Salesforce Administrative Support, I encourage you to reach out to Liza Magcale at +1-416-699-7711

I wish each and every one of you great success in your endeavours and I hope you continue to make improvements in your businesses through the power of Salesforce. 

Blaze on Trailblazers!”