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LAN CRM is a management consulting firm specializing in client relationship management (CRM) systems. Whether you want to steer away from antiquated processes like Excel spreadsheets or you already have a CRM but it’s not working the way you want it to, LAN CRM thrives on solving business problems. We help you develop and implement a system and plan customized to your company and its needs. The end result is a series of seamless processes that now help you do your job better so you can make more sales and increase revenues.

We get it

You know that feeling when you work with someone who you can say anything to, explain anything to and complain about anything to and they just get it? That’s what our clients say about us. And that’s the result of about 20 years of living and breathing CRM systems. 

Whatever it is you’re experiencing, chances are we’ve seen it before. And if we haven’t? Well then we relish in the challenge of diving in deep to find the root cause of your issue and figuring out a solution that gives you the precise change you’re looking for.

Staying current

CRM systems constantly change, develop and evolve - just like your business.  At LAN CRM, we’re always informed and on point with new industry-relevant information. We’re here to guide you in the right direction and help you use your CRM to its fullest. With an informed, skilled and strategic team behind you, your CRM does everything it’s supposed to do and you can get back to excelling at your job.

We stand behind Salesforce

LAN CRM is equipped to deal with any client relationship management system, but our top recommendation is Salesforce simply because after nearly two decades in this industry, we’ve come to the conclusion that Salesforce is the most customizable, easy to use, scalable and effective CRM in the market. After all, it’s our job to make your business life better.

LAN CRM Consulting is a registered Salesforce Implementation Partner and has a detail oriented and creative team of consultants, admins and developers ready to help your business achieve productivity, innovation and growth. 

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Meet our founder

Leigh-Anne Nugent LAN CRM Consulting and Architect.  Salesforce Certified Architect.

Leigh-Anne Nugent (LAN)

Leigh-Anne Nugent is a CRM Strategist, Business and Management Consultant, Project Manager, and Application Architect with 11 Salesforce certifications and PMP certificate. She’s a passionate problem-solver and truly loves helping people by designing innovative and tailored solutions. 

Coming from a family that relishes and thrives in the field of technology systems, Leigh-Anne happily and passionately follows suit. From building new functions and features, right through to establishing specific processes and support protocols to ensure the seamless operation of a system, Leigh-Anne loves working with new clients and helping them grow their CRMs over time in order to realize greater success.  

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