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Implementation and consulting to make sure you take full advantage of your CRM

Setting up and integrating a CRM is a task that can quickly reach an overwhelmingly complex state. While you may very well be capable, taking this upon yourself is not ideal. It’s likely that you will miss certain elements, be unaware of features particularly relevant to your business, and become frustrated with the process. 

Think of all the other areas of your business that need your attention! When you work with CRM experts, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your CRM will be properly set up and fine-tuned to you and your company so you maximize the benefits of having it.

Our methodology

At LAN, we follow a practical, well-thought out and proven process that ensures we implement your CRM in a way that is optimized to its fullest potential.

1. Design with purpose

LAN collaborates with you, first to establish a complete blueprint and roadmap. By doing so, we help you identify the specific business goals and objectives you want to accomplish through your CRM.

2. Identify the scope

We organize and divide your blueprint and roadmap into consolidated journeys that can be prioritized, turned into project deliverables and scoped out.

3. Map the processes

Your end-to-end workflows for each journey are documented and diagrammed. In this phase, we’re looking for key automation opportunities that have the potential to eliminate errors and improve data quality. 

4. Model the data

Existing data is analyzed. From this, we design a data model to provide business insights, and eventually, scale into advanced analytics.  

5. Agile delivery and responsive refactoring

We follow an agile methodology that enables us to achieve fast time to market and full customer satisfaction. When inefficiencies or errors make their way to the surface, our business model equips us with the skill and resources to give you immediate service. This keeps your system and project running smoothly. 

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