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Field Service Lightning to optimize your mobile workforce

When you have real-time customer demands and expectations combined with an in-field team that’s always on the move, how do you ensure great service? The Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) functionality gives you the ability to track, organize and optimize every service interaction. 

The LAN CRM team is comprised of certified Field Service Lightning experts who know how to transform all those complex and messy nuances, variations and scenarios into a beautiful, seamless system.

Fast, intelligent, personal service

Customer expectations are greater than ever before. In a mobile service model, it’s critical that you have a way to help your field technicians deliver precisely what your customers need. The right system gives you the ability to generate work orders, match the right workers to the right jobs, track performance, gain valuable insight on who your customers are, and so much more.

Our methodology

We have successfully implemented FSL for 9 customers including the migration from v0.5 to v1, and we sit on the Salesforce-led FSL SMB Advisory Committee, alongside other top consulting firms.

Our process incorporates design workshops:

1. FSL Setup Workshop(s)

  • Service territories and operating hours
  • Scheduling policies
  • Scheduling actions
  • Work order and service appointment use

2. Mobile Workshop(s)

  • Work order line item use
  • Mobile flows (actions)
  • Timesheet use

3. Asset Management and Inventory Management Workshop(s)

  • Warehouse inventory
  • Van inventory
  • Asset management 

LAN CRM is with you every step of the way, including the all-important deployment phase. This helps us ensure your go-live readiness through access roll-out timing and strategies, and accurate adoption through comprehensive training for your dispatchers, technicians, sales and support teams. 

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