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Your CRM is a dynamic system that’s constantly changing and evolving with your business. The way it’s set up initially won’t be the way it’s set up months and years down the road. Since you have the ability to make alterations, tweaks, additions and subtractions whenever you like, it’s a good idea to give your Salesforce CRM a little tender loving care on a regular basis.

That’s where LAN CRM managed services come in. We know you and your staff are busy being amazing at your own jobs! If you’re not ready to hire a dedicated Salesforce Manager just yet, we can provide a managed service to handle all those day-to-day requests regarding new preferences, reports, errors and general support.

Choose the best package

1. Time-based program

Need some administrative help but you’re not exactly sure how much? Try our time-based program. It’s simple. We bill you for the time we spend acting as your Salesforce Administrator on a monthly basis. You can call or send an email to tell us about your idea, issue or problem. We analyze and assess, and then present you with a proposal for your approval before we start the work.

2. Virtual Salesforce Administration

Not quite ready to hire a full-time Salesforce Administrator, but you know you need someone to manage your Salesforce CRM? Let us take on the role of your System Salesforce Administrator – virtually. This program assigns a dedicated expert to your organization who proactively looks for issues before they arise, is the first line of support, sets security protocols, and manages the on-boarding and off-boarding for all users. You also have access to a team of Salesforce professionals who help you create a strategic roadmap, consult you on your business processes and keep you up-to-date on Salesforce best practices so that as your company grows, so does your Salesforce solution.

3. Salesforce Architecture Review

Concerned about the way in which your Salesforce CRM was originally configured? Interested to expand the use of your Salesforce to include additional business units? LAN CRM can send a Certified Salesforce Architect to assess your business process and Salesforce environment. In this program, we provide documentation of your current state and compare it to your desired future state in order to identify gaps and determine ways to achieve your business goals.

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Let’s talk about your company’s CRM needs and objectives during the life of your Salesforce Contract.

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