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Salesforce training customized to each end user role

Having a CRM is one thing but knowing precisely how to use it in relation to your specific role in the company is entirely another. A CRM can be an incredible tool that helps you do your job better or it can be a confusing nightmare because you’re not properly trained on the system.

LAN CRM Consulting provides thorough Salesforce CRM training that is structured and tailored to each position within your company. This way, not only does every user know how to use the system expertly, but also how to get the most out of the CRM in their specific role. 

Onsite and remote

We understand the value of adoption, so we take a collaborative learning approach throughout your project. As a result, we’re able to create custom training programs for your staff. Whether you prefer that we work onsite or remotely, LAN CRM is committed to making your team members true experts in Salesforce.

Specialized training for your Salesforce Administrator

If you’re ready to hire a full time Salesforce Administrator, it’s important to recognize that this individual is a business leader who must be knowledgeable in your company operations and have some level of interaction with all departments. If they haven’t already, it won’t be long before this person plays an integral role in running a smooth and lean business.

Combining the Salesforce University Training agenda with your internal Salesforce organization and processes, our training ensures that your admin is able to perform all the necessary tasks including:

  • Creating reports and customizing the dashboard 
  • Managing users
  • Maintaining data quality
  • Adding fields
  • Running backups
  • Building a support strategy
  • Establishing data governance

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